FlexCard Products :

  • UICCI factory forms: 2FF/3FF/4FF
  • eUICC factory forms: DFN8/DFN6
  • Residential, industrial and automotive M2M cards
  • OTA Platform, RAM, RFM
  • Multi-IMSI SIM
  • Phone Back-up Applet
  • Java and Native Applications
  • Customized STKs

FlexTelecom Products :

  • Biometric Handheld terminals: OCR/NFC/MRZ/Match-on-card biometrics
  • Smart phones: 3G, 4G and 5G
  • CPEs: 3G, 4G and 5G
  • Financial terminals: EMV POS and desktops
  • Wi-Fi products: Router, Mesh, Repeater, USB Key
  • IP Camera: Wi-Fi and LTE
  • Telecom Kiosk

FlexLatitude Products :

  • In-vehicle encoders with wireless communications, telemetry and 360-degree live wireless video streaming
  • Rapid deployment of mobile live video systems (RDU)
  • Several high-end Body Worn Cameras (BWC) with comprehensive management software and accessories

FlexIoT Products :

  • IoT secure SIM/eSIM with M2M activation and internal cybersecurity apps
  • Cloud-based IoT platform
  • AI-based AIoT solutions
  • AIoT medical solutions (M-IoT)
  • Industrial AIoT (I-IoT)
  • 5G-IoT devices and platform, ideal private IoT and 5G satellite solutions worldwide